Sensory Kit (Ages 6-9)

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This fun SEL kit is filled with great DIY activities your kids will LOVE. 

The kit includes: 

- The Dot by Peter Reynolds: It is an uplifting story about human connection, the importance of teacher-student relationships, the power of creativity, and the simple joy in finding talents that you never knew you had. 

- A make-your-own stress ball: Your kids will love squeezing their new, fun, colorful stress ball! It’s perfect to use as a hand fidget when they are having a hard time staying focused or feeling worried. It’s also great to enjoy while listening to a story, in the car, or having some quiet time.

- A make-your-own calm down bottle: The magnetic calm down bottle is the perfect thing to turn to when your kids need to relax or take their mind off something that may be bothering them.

- A make-your-own matching game: Players will love this magical memory game! Get ready to improve your kids' memory, math and motor skills as you peel, stick, match and play!