Marnie's COVID-19  At-Home Survival Guide With Kids

Marnie's COVID-19 At-Home Survival Guide With Kids

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Be crafty, because summer’s here, there’s no camp and you’re the new counselor. I recommend Project Tie-Dye (of course!) and Creativity for Kid’s Kits, they’re fun and most kids can do the crafts independently.

Have your kids do something nice for someone else just because. Nothing feels better.


Get your kids outside everyday. If your kids are early birds, hop in the car before work, go to a trail or local landmark for an hour, move your bodies, and get fresh air. This is a sure fire way to start everyone’s day off right!

Block off 10 minutes a day to implement Dr. Dan Shapiro’s Time-In. This means, spending one on one time with your child, letting them be in charge and decide what to do, even if it means making you a facemask out of wet chalk! The world feels out of control for all of us, this is a great way to for your child to gain it back.

Give your child chores that are meaningful and that you can celebrate them for. This is Mason’s “fancy dinner,” table setting. On the menu, chicken nuggets, apples, carrots and M&M yogurt for desert.

Turn something from ordinary to extraordinary by adding a twist! Up the ante in a card game, add bubbles and food coloring polka dots to the mini outdoor pool, turn music on and play freeze clean up during chore time, or bring flashlights on an evening walk and try to spot an owl or Fox!

Make yourself a priority. Take 10 minutes to get a coffee, lock yourself in the bathroom, take a walk, anything. Just Breathe... You’ve got this .


Love them harder, squeeze them tighter, listen to them more. We’re all missing our Villages 


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