• Service-Learning Activity Kits for Kids and Teens, Delivered.




Service-learning. The practice of connecting core SEL (social-emotional learning) concepts to actions that serve others.

Helping children and teens see the impact of their empathy, kindness, creativity and determination on the world around them.

 Building the skills to "color our world."

Creating vibrant connections to self, family, friends, and community.


Fun one-of-a-kind kits that include all supplies needed to complete service-learning projects for kids and teens.

Thoughtfully designed by our SEL experts to connect participants to the service-learning project through a detailed "Journey." 

Created to make each teacher, parent and child feel competent, capable and successful as they complete each kit.

New every month with content and themes that are current and relevant.



Pre-K - 4th Grade At-Home Kits

5th - 8th Grade At-Home Kits

Custom Classroom and Group Service-Learning Kits

  • Purpose Driven

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Purpose Driven

Engaging Communities

Creating Connection

Paying It Forward

Custom Experiences


Life-long friends, shared ambition

Marnie Weinstein and Liz Slobasky met when they were 12 years old as classmates in Washington, DC. Later they lived together in Boston, MA and now are neighbors in Bethesda, MD. They’ve remained best friends as they each pursued separate careers—Marnie in education and Liz in business. They both share the fundamental belief that connection is key. Above all else, Marnie and Liz hope Project Tie-Dye’s service experiences bring people together to practice empathy and develop the skills needed to form deep connections with others.

In 2019, they teamed-up to launch Project Tie—Dye, a company aimed at building resilient empathetic children through service-based learning kits.



“Sometimes we buy things that are cute but not very interesting, and sometimes we buy things that are thoughtful buy not made well. Our Project Tie-Dye kit was perfect, thoughtfully designed and assembled. We loved it!”

-Maryland Mom of 2

“My daughter is crazy excited about this Project Tie-Dye kit! I can’t tell you how perfect the timing is on this.  She was just crying and stressing about me going to work, so this makes her feel like she’s sacrificing and people get it.  Thank you, this means more than you know.”

- Maryland ER Doctor who Received a Kit as a Donation

“This was hands down the best most meaningful thing I’ve done with my kids in years, so easy with such a big impact.  We can’t wait until our next kit.”

- Washington D.C. Mom of 3